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«Indartrans» company site

We present a site-variable catalog for the Indartrans company. Created and structured according to the individual wishes of the client.

At first glance, this is an ordinary site (and it really should look like this), but the functionality of this site is far from being as simple as it seems. The site was created on the basis of the WordPress platform with an individual design and structure without the use of templates using the WooCommerce plugin. Such a set is the most effective for the implementation of this project, because the functionality implies variability in cards with equipment or services. Thus, on one card it is possible to offer the user the necessary set.

For example, the JCB 5CX excavator has many configurations with which it can be ordered (various bucket sizes, additional attachments). The user can select and order the entire required set almost instantly. Then he can send the order to the manager, who, in turn, already understands what is at stake.

The admin area of ​​the site is adapted for convenient use exactly at the request of the client and has all the necessary tools to configure the work and interface of the site as accurately and quickly as possible, add images of goods or equipment.

All websites we create are fully responsive. That is, the interface of the site adapts to any device and screen size.

It should also be noted the basic SEO setting, which helps the site to be visible to search engines and interact with them as efficiently as possible.

If you liked the case and want to discuss your project, order a consultation with our manager using the feedback form. We will provide you with all the necessary information.
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