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Trademark «Dikanske» website

Website for the trademark “Dikanske”.

Usually, large enterprises, firms and organizations carefully select contractors before placing any order. And this is not about money. The point is high-quality, timely and professional performance of all tasks that the customer sets. If you have had experience with an insufficiently responsible contractor, you know what we are talking about. At the beginning of cooperation, we also underwent a thorough check, during which we had to prove our professionalism. As you can see, everything went well. Another cool project was born in the form of a fully functional product of TM Dikanske.

The site has in the admin zone a full set of tools for editing content, working with individual blocks and entire pages. The site interface adapts to any device and screen size, a priori fully adaptive. The service package includes a basic SEO setting, which helps the site to be visible to search engines and work with them as efficiently as possible.

It should be noted some functions implemented on the site separately:
1. Timeline with the history of the development of TM “Dikanske” and the ability to create new events in the admin area;
2. Function “Get directions” to your destination using google maps, etc.
Visit the site and try these and other benefits of the new site.

The project has been created and configured.

If you liked the site of TM “Dikanske”, this case and you want to discuss your project, order a consultation with our manager using the feedback form. We will provide you with all the necessary information.
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